Upcoming places to see Abby speak:

6/23: Understanding Information Architecture: Workshop (General Assembly NYC)

9/27: Euro IA – Closing Plenary (Brussels, Belgium)

11/7: UX Camp Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada)

You may have seen Abby at:

Interaction12 Dublin, IXDA NYC Redux12, IXDA Ladies of NYC Debate, Wharton Web Conference 12, Search Love 2013 (Boston and London) World IA Day 2013 NYC and World IA Day 2014 Ann Arbor, Business Insider NYC Startup Conference 2013 and Midwest UX 2011 & 2013, RE:Design 2014, GIANT Conference 2014, UX London 2014

Interested in having Abby speak?

Reach out to Abbycovert at gmail dot com with interesting speaking and teaching opportunities.

Workshops Available:

  • Understanding Information Architecture
  • What is this User Experience thing?
  • Everyone needs a Portfolio

Latest Presentations:

How to Make Sense of Any Mess (June 2014)

Information Architecture for Products (May 2014)

Make Sense: Information Architecture for Everybody (Feb 2014)

Lessons from an Ontology Nerd (Oct 2013)

Making Sense of Place (Oct 2013)